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What’s your travel shoes story?

Having a bad knee, I constantly feel the need to choose the right footwear for me. I am not promoting anything here. LOL. But I wanted to give my loyal travel shoes the recognition they deserve before they retire.     We recently attended the 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.… Continue reading What’s your travel shoes story?


Angkor Wat a day!

Traveling from Bangkok to Siem Reap surely wasn't a walk in the park - figuratively and literally. But being the adventurous creature that I am, I enjoyed the whole process. I detailed the whole trip here for your benefit. Let me know how it goes on your journey, and feel free to post a comment if you… Continue reading Angkor Wat a day!


Tai-fail: My almost-Taipei solo trip

It has been ages since my last international travel. I flew to Hongkong with my cousin last February this year, and yes I call that 'ages ago'. Before tying the knot, I got to travel monthly, not necessarily international, but I still struggle with staying in one place for months without any new environment to… Continue reading Tai-fail: My almost-Taipei solo trip

Antique · Philippines

Captivated by Antique

I couldn't believe how beautiful Antique is. Everything is just so natural. This place has majestic mountains somewhat wrapped in a thick green blanket, obviously untouched by greedy commercialism. One can clearly see numerous waterfalls on the walls of these mountains even from a distance. Long, winding, and clean rivers also add to the fascinating views… Continue reading Captivated by Antique

Cambodia · Thailand · Travel ABCs

The ABCs of Traveling from Bangkok to Cambodia

I’ve been hearing and reading about how exciting crossing borders can be and I am determined to try it. During our honeymoon travel, we planned a series of land trips from Kuala Lumpur heading to Bangkok then Siem Reap and Vietnam. Unfortunately, our research showed a looong train ride from KL to BKK. We only… Continue reading The ABCs of Traveling from Bangkok to Cambodia